I used to practice family law. I concur with one lawyer’s observation that family law gives you the opportunity to interact with a lot of good people at the absolute worst time in their lives. It can also be a very rewarding type of practice. Here is a great idea from the American Bar Association Family Law Section to better serve your clients and perhaps make some children’s lives better in the process.

The ABA FLS makes available “handbooks for your clients and their kids." If you buy these in bulk, they are at such an affordable price that you can give one or more handbook to every divorce client. Titles include My Parents Are Getting Divorced, Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce, What Your Children Need…Now, Coparenting after Divorce and Surviving Your Divorce and Beyond. If you buy over 25 copies of a particular handbook, the price drops to four dollars each and if you buy over 100, they are three dollars each (plus S/H.) What a great client service!Many lawyers have been doing this for years.

This offer is not limited to members of the American Bar Association.

Here’s the webpage for these client handbooks, with the cover photos and the tables of contents as well as the links to order online.

Here’s the downloadable order form in PDF format that I feel is more clear on the exact pricing than the ABA Web store. However, for the next week, you would probably want to order through the ABA Web store because shipping is free to all U.S. destinations for orders placed through that method during August, 2007. Even when shipping is no longer free, this is still a great bargain and a way to make a positive impact in the lives of your clients and their children.