"Sites for Sore Eyes" is a new column by yours truly, Jim Calloway, and Courtney Kennaday, Practice Management Advisor for the South Carolina Bar. It is a part of the May 2007 Technology eReport from the ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division. The first column focused on Web 2.0 applications and was brief. It was really designed for the general practitioner who was not familiar with the concept of Web 2.0. We wanted to explain this idea briefly, link to a longer explanation for those interested and highlight a few of these useful Web 2.0 sites. The Technology eReport comes out four times a year, so look for more Sites for Sore Eyes in the future as Calloway and Kennaday explore the World Wide Web.

As usual, the rest of this Technology eReport has great information. J. Anthony Vittal has a great column on how the Information Age is truly changing the world. Jeffrey Allen reviews Top-Rated Digital Dictating Equipment. jennifer j. rose notes the problems when you missend that e-mail to the worst possible person and there’s much more.