If you do not have much to do the next few days, here’s one way to fill up your spare time. Check out this collection: the Richmond Journal of Law and Technology (JOLT)  E-Discovery Archives. Several weeks ago the Spring, 2007 issue of the online law journal, which is focused solely on Electronic Discovery, was added to the archives.

One of the student editors informed me of the publication."Our publication is a student-run law journal housed at the University of Richmond School of Law. JOLT was first published in 1995 as the first exclusively on-line law journal and has continued to publish articles on the intersection of law and technology for over ten years. JOLT is available online, free of charge, to anyone who visits our website….Each year, we publish an issue dedicated to the emerging issues in Electronic Discovery. The most recent annual survey focuses on the recent changes in the federal rules and contains six articles from authors with various perspectives on E-Discovery."

Over 250 pages are contained in the new issue.