Think of all of the information contained on all of the mobile phones, flash drives, MP3 players, portable hard drives, backup tapes and other information storage devices that can be carried in a pocket or hand bag. Then think of the number of news items you have read in the last year or so about lost or stolen laptop computers. Last year I hatched a plan to write the ultimate mobile security article. But honestly, that’s not really possible to do in a short article and, as technology advances, parts of the work become dated. Still, it was an area where lawyers could use more information and I asked some talented people to pitch in for the project.

The ultimate result was "A Lawyer’s Guide to Mobile Computer Security" by Ellen Freedman, Reid Trautz and Jim Calloway. It was published in the Oklahoma Bar Journal, the Pennsylvania Lawyer and Immigration Law Today, the official publications of the bar associations that have the authors on staff for practice management advisors. But interestingly, that wasn’t the end of the story. Some reprint requests starting trickling in and then the trickle became a flood. We’ve asked bloggers and e-newsletter publishers just to link to the online version of the article noted above from the OBA.

But Technolawyer asked to reprint it as a Technofeature and it will be available in the July/August issue of Legal Management, published by the Association of Legal Administrators, with a circulation of around 20,000. Certainly that is gratifying for the three of us. But the main point is that there is a need for this information. So, if you missed this article the first time around, you can read it on the OBA site as noted above or check out the nifty PDF version that Technolawyer makes available to its authors linked below.  After all, there is no doubt that we will be carrying more and more information on our mobile devices in the future.

Download Calloway-Trautz-Freedman-MobileSecurity-TF05-29-07.pdf (182.4K)