Several blogs about solo law practice have sprung up recently. Some are very good. Some are perhaps still in the developmental stage. And, I don’t mean to sound cynical, but I know many of them will not survive long. The lawyer will get busy with "real work" or discover after a few posts that they have said most of the things they were burning to say.

An outstanding addition to the legal blogosphere is The Inspired Solo. It is brought to us by Sheryl Sisk Schelin, who is a solo practitioner living and working in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Some people think that to be a great blogger you need a lot of opinions. Well, I think that you need to be a great writer. Sheryl is.

The blog now has a new appearance – very crisp and clean. Sheryl does have an agenda with this site. She wants, as the title suggests, to inspire solo lawyers and to inspire other lawyers to consider the solo path. For entrepreneurs, inspiration is very important. (Of course, I’d have to add that realistic expectations are important as well.) I think many of you will enjoy The Inspired Solo and that is why I am naming it my Website of the Week.   (Note to Sheryl: I’ve now publicly placed my bet that this blog will be around for a while, so don’t let us down.)