Well, at some level I never thought I’d link to a YouTube video from this blog, and at some level I knew, of course, that I’d someday link to video from this blog. But this video from Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cutural Anthropology, Kansas State University, about the evolution of the World Wide Web is currently one of the most-viewed videos on the Web. This is a actually a pretty big deal because the video is intended to make you think, where most highly popular Web videos are posted to entertain. So if you can spare 4.5 minutes of your time, maybe at lunch, or maybe when you get home tonight, you should watch this. But do it when you have time to reflect, not when your next appointment is due in six minutes. If you are a visual learner, you may enjoy this visual representation of how the Web is changing. (Note to those with slow connections or new to YouTube, if the video keeps stopping, hit pause and let the red line showing it is loading expand out to about halfway. Then hit play.)