We are all familiar with how Microsoft Outlook can be used to insert different signature blocks into the e-mails you write. Your signature blocks might vary depending on the individual who is to receive the e-mail. Within an open e-mail you are preparing, just select Insert, Signature and the name of the signature you wish inserted. But there is no requirement that this signature function has to be used only for creating true signatures. For example, one could create a signature called "office directions" with several paragraphs of office directions and parking information. Then any time one wanted to include that information in an e-mail, you would simply click Insert – Signature – office directions and all of that text would be pasted into the body of an e-mail. When you think about it, you may come up with several uses for this technique. This likely works in other e-mail clients as well.

( I was at a meeting with several other state bar practice management advisors when we learned others used this method. I told them I was going to blog it right then, but didn’t finish and Nerino Petro beat me to it here.)