OK, I’m back. I survived the holidays and the Great Ice Storm of 2007. We never lost power but our hearts go out to our friends in places like Muskogee and McAlester, who have been without power for days and have more days ahead.

A brief bit of background about this great tip is required here. I’ve posted before about the benefits of using TinyURL to shorten links for pasting into e-mails. in our state, OSCN provides docket sheets for pending cases in many of our counties. Here’s an e-mail from Noble, Oklahoma attorney Cheryl Clayton who learned about TinyUrl at one of my "30 Tips" programs.

“After learning about tinyurl from you, I put it to use. To keep an eye on the court dockets in my cases, I wanted a quick link that would instantly pull up the case without having to click my way through OSCN. In TimeMatters, I used or created a web field. I then went to OSCN, found my case, and used tinyurl to create a short link that would fit within the size of the Timematters field. Now I can check my case within seconds with one simple click. I did the same for Cindee Pichot in the program she uses
– Time and Chaos. I don’t use Amicus but I am sure the same thing can be used done in it. For lawyers, a nifty and practical application of tinyurl.”