I have not liked most of the Treo holsters I have seen and I’ve examined several belonging to others. I want to be absolutely sure it won’t accidentally fall off my belt and I want it to be easy to grab and answer. One of the posts by Grant  Griffith I referenced earlier this week had a glowing review of this Treo Rubberized Holster. Since it was on "holiday sale" for $9.95, I purchased it immediately, figuring even if I only used it part time it was worth it. (S/H was $3.95 for a total of $13.90.) I ordered it Thursday or Friday and it arrived Monday.

I’m quite pleased. It comes out of the holster easily and faces inward to avoid accidental damage to the Treo. The J shape on the bottom of the spring loaded clip makes it virtually impossible that it will accidentally fall off. In fact some may not like the fact that it doesn’t easy come off of a wide belt when you want to remove it, but that’s just what I wanted for security. Two thumbs up.