Several days ago I received an e-mail from Patrick J. McKenna about the release of his free new e-book, First 100 Days: Transitioning a New Managing Partner. You can read the brief book online in an interesting format from NXTBook at this location (loading will take a minute) or print or download it. Patrick McKenna is a true expert in the law firm management field, having co-authored several books in  the field, including First Among Equals. The book contains about a dozen pages of McKenna’s thoughts and another dozen of quotes from established law firm leaders. You may find that the NXTBook format is a little distracting. It should have offered more than the two zoom settings provided to find the right combination of my eyes and my screen resolution. But it is visually interesting and you can always hit "Print."

For re-enforcement and amplification of the lessons contained in the e-book, also read Bruce MacEwen’s summary of and commentary on the e-book at his Adam Smith, Esg. blog. I recognize probably few of my readers are managing partners at major law firms, but there’s a lot of value for the lawyer with one partner and two staff members as well. You would have to pay quite handsomely if you retained either of these gentlemen for advice, so take advantage of the fact that they are willing to give it away.