I would have warned everyone that I was taking a week off from blogging, but it really wasn’t my intent. I was hosted much of last week by those great folks at the Mississippi Bar at their 2006 Summer School for Lawyers. (I have no idea how much longer that second link will be live.) Anyway, between the CLE presentations I did for them, the amenities of the Hilton Sandestin Beach Resort, the beach chairs with umbrellas, the shopping, the surf and the other activities, blogging didn’t seem like much of a priority. In fact I can now claim a personal record of going an entire week without checking my work e-mail. Thanks to Miss. Bar Executive Director Larry Houchins, Jeanie Watkins and the rest of the MSBAR staff for a grand dose of Southern hospitality. As I talked to lots of lawyers about technology, marketing and other topics, I often found myself learning from some of them when I was supposed to be teaching. Blogging returns this week. Stay tuned.