Tom Mighell and I were discussing digital cameras at the recent New Orleans technology conference. He mentioned something that I at first thought was more of a humorous story than a true tech tip, but after thinking about it and sharing it with others, I have been encouraged to post it here. (Maybe they just want to make fun of me.)

Now that many of us own phones with cameras included, have you thought of the idea of "temporary pictures" could be taken by your camera phone, held for awhile and then deleted. Here are a few ideas:

You travel a lot and have trouble remembering your hotel room number, take a picture of the door (with number visible)  the first time you see it and delete it when you check out.

Look up a number in a phone book you just need for a while, take a picture of the page to hold until you don’t need it. You want to have a cab take your back to a hard-to-find address the next day

You need to remember a large dollar amount or any number you are viewing for a temporary basis.

There are many others, but you get the idea. The idea of using the phone to take a quick image for recall when I don’t have pen or paper handy is an interesting one.