OK, I try to help you out with tips and interesting information. Now I’d like some help. My Treo 650 carrying case doesn’t work for me. It has a belt clip and can fall off too easily. Plus it is just too hard to unsnap and remove the thing quickly enough when it rings. I’ve got a really geeky looking neck pouch that works great for either the phone or iPod when I am doing things around my house, but it is not for public display. I don’t wear a jacket seated at my desk, so I cannot use the jacket breast pocket. Plus I want to carry it all the time, not just when I am suited up. I thought about the kind where the belt threads through rather than clips, but I’m hoping some of you have a great solution you love. E-mail me with any solutions by clicking this link.  Be sure and mention if you’d prefer your name not be disclosed.