I like a lot of things about my Treo mobile phone. There are also things I do not like. As I was discussing with OBA Executive Director John Morris Williams recently, one of the real annoyances of our Treo 650’s was the insufficient volume. It is really annoying that a phone manufacturer would release a product with this problem. It seems like a core phone function to me. Well, help is at hand in the form of a shareware utility called VolumeCare. You just have to put aside the fact that you shouldn’t have to buy this and be happy that you can. VolumeCare Pro is $19.95. VolumeCare Basic is $14.95. You can find positive reviews here and here. Don’t take my word for it. You can download a 15 day free trial here or here. It is time for most lawyers to have a smart phone, like a Treo or Blackberry. It is just too valuable to have your calendar and all of your contacts with you at all times and an old-style PDA means you have to carry that and the phone with you. (Of course that assumes you have your calendar and contacts on your computer so they can be synchronized with the smart  phone.)