Live blogging from ABA TECHSHOW is almost passé by now. it was befitting the 20th anniversary of ABA TECHSHOW that we heard from Burgess Allison for the keynote yesterday. Simon Chester blogged during Burg’s keynote and even took the time to look forward to my presentation with Tom Mighell the next day. Burgess talked a lot about the facts revealed in the book The World is Flat. He also noted the rapid increase of technology advances, laughing at a recent bid by some IT staff to recreate blogging software for $30,000 when we all know it can be done using several methods for less than $100 or free.

The program Tom Mighell and I did on Marketing Your Practice with a Blog was blogged by Rob Robinson with photos posted very quickly as was the panel discussion four of us did later on 60 Marketing Tips in 60 Minutes. That went quite well if I do say so myself. I have more to say, but a reception is starting downstairs.