Here are some things that I’m just not going to find time to blog in depth about this month that I think might interest my readers. April’s a busy month. ABA TECHSHOW is in April and OBA’s New Lawyer Experience launches in April. I have about a dozen papers and slide shows to finish in April, with more due in May. So my blog posts may be light for the rest of the month.

From Yale Law School comes The Truth about the Billable Hour. A few calculations on how much of your life you need to spend at work to bill 1800 or 2200 hours per year.

The new Law Practice Today features Outsourcing, yawn … er,  I mean important new trend. There is always good content in LPT and it is not all about outsourcing. (Note: link is to current issue of the e-zine.)

I also have to note this month’s Law Practice Magazine, which tries to inspire us to market outside the box. (Ditto on link being to current issue.)

Spamming is an immoral concept. This marketing plan is to waste the time of hundreds of thousands and many IT resources in the hopes of making a few sales. But just when you thought it could not get worse, Jigsaw appears. Instead of selling out your friends and business contacts for thirty pieces of silver, you sell them out for a buck a contact so Jigsaw can sell their personal information to others. Read Michael Arrington’s and Jeff Beard’s comments on this monstrosity.

Google Romance in out in beta. Goggling for love; it has such a nice ring to it.

Recently three new Oklahoma-solo practice related blogs have sprung up.
Interestingly, the latter two of these are written by law students who intend to open solo practices rather than lawyers.

TailRank finds the best content from thousands of blogs so you don’t have to!” It is sort of like Google News, but with only blog content- a news aggregator that programs itself.

Blogger rights and blogger wrongs. The Shifting Legal Landscape of Blogging is a scholarly article from the Wisconsin Lawyer covering defamation, privacy, copyright law and the Communications Decency Act as they relate to blogs. (See e.g. blogger gets sued by one of her co-workers for publishing details of her sex life when it gets them both fired from their jobs as U.S. Senate staff.)

The U.S. News and World Report best law school list is released.
Let the bickering begin.
(My alma mater is #80.)

From NPR’s All Things Considered a very brief audio program that you should enjoy if you’ve ever wondered if your friends know that you aren’t really reading their blogs. It’s OK. I know. I’ve got too much to read myself. Besides, it is not that hard to skim and catch up later.

And finally to add to your Favorites, the list of current podcasts from the U.S. government. We may be from the government, but we’re hip and we can podcast.