There’s been a fair amount written about Web 2.0 recently. My article for the January, 2006, Oklahoma Bar Journal is titled The “Next Generation” of the Internet? — Web 2.0. It is a bit longer than my usual articles because this is such a big topic. I also think that that the Internet is changing in a way that is only partially related to the technical Web 2.0 applications. It is becoming less about passive downloading, viewing and reading and more about individual user contributions and participation. Blogs are but one example. The online version of my article is packed with hypertext links. It ends with an Annotated Web 2.0 Bibliography where you will find links to even more material, including a comprehensive set of Web 2.0 links by Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell.

I know this will take you a little while to read, folks, but I’ve tried to cover trends that will really impact us all, even the "non-teckie" types. E-mail with feedback or if you know of other new Web 2.0 applications that Tom, Dennis and I missed.