I wanted to point out a recent article that was inspired by periodic postings on Solosez and other tech related lists. Certain topics (e.g. Word vs. WordPerfect superiority) seem to crop up again and again. One of these is the full backup vs. data backup only debate. You can’t post to a tech list using the phrase "full backup" without someone immediately following with "you don’t have to do full backup, I just burn my documents/data files to CD’s periodically." It’s probably true that a true solo with no staff and only one computer can handle backup this way if they are so inclined. For one thing the odds are you won’t need your backup anyway. (Of course that misses the point.)
So I decided to outline how the process would work to really do a "complete" data-only back up, especially if you have more than one computer and staff. It is more complex that it appears at first. You can invest some time in setting it up, but it has to work fairly quickly or people won’t do it. (I also decided to try to do the outline without even using backup software.) The result is A Backup Proposal for Those Who Know That They Aren’t Doing Backup Well. Of course I couldn’t resist pointing out the shortcomings of this plan even after I had outlined this one way of doing it.
I was guest editor of the Technology and Practice Management-themed Issue of the Oklahoma Bar Journal in which this appeared. Some of you may have an interest in the other articles as well.

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