Suzanne Rose of Tennessee (and Suzanne Rose Consulting) started her blog recently, but swore me to silence for a while. Time’s up, Suzanne.

Risky Biz dervives its name from the idea that running a law firm can be risky. It is certainly true that law firms have risks, including the basic business risks of profitability and viability and some of the unique law firm risks of ethics violations or legal malpractice. Suzanne says, "I see a need for a change in thinking about how to build and maintain a successful, effective, viable law practice – whether it be a solo practitioner or a mega-firm. I have been a small voice for the "practicing law is a business" philosophy. I am now wondering if lawyers and legal consultants have taken that too much to heart and find that the sensitive balance between law as an ‘art form’ and as a business has tipped too far to the business side, leaving in its wake unhappy lawyers, fragile law firms and dis-satisfied clients."

Suzanne is the former practice management advisor for the Tennessee Bar. Read her recent posts on what clients not to take and then add Risky Biz to your RSS Newsfeeds. I did.