The September issue of Law Practice Today has hit the Web.

The September issue of Law Practice, the magazine, is also online. (For those who read this months from now, both links go to the current issue.)

It’s really sort of amazing that the ABA Law Practice Management Section gives away so much content to non-members online. If you are an ABA member, you should join the section just as a thank you gesture. Plus you will receive even more benefits.

LPT features this month include a feature by Susan Raridon Lambreth on avoiding the pitfalls of implementing practice management software and an article by Tom Mighell and Dennis Kennedy on Instant Messaging resources. There are more links to useful information on this topic than you might suspect. Don’t skip this because you’ve never used IMs, especially if you have management responsibilities in your firm. Some of your employees are, no doubt, using IMs at work. While I would hate to see you ban any technology, including IMs, a cautionary memo might be in order about the fact that IMs can sometimes be accessed later, just like deleted e-mails. I don’t think most IM users understand this.

Law Practice Magazine has many great features as well, including one by Merrilyn Astin Tarlton on 21 Ways Lawyers Can Give Back- Every Day. (Note: this link will die when the magazine is archived and made available to section members only.)