The ABA today has issued a press release about its 2004-2005 Legal Technology Survey.  I’m quite interested in the lawyer’s use of technology. However, this press release leaves something to be desired. (I’ll direct you to the good stuff.) Their headline from the survey is that 19% of responding lawyers have used a wireless Internet connection. (Yawn.) I found much more interesting that firewall software has risen to 66% from 43% in 2004. Eighty-eight percent have home Internet access or other access away from the office, but sadly 24 percent are still dial-up users. They must not have any children at home.

Here’s the direct link to the information about the survey, which the press release omits. It also omits the information on how to obtain it. The entire survey bound in five volumes costs $2250 ($2000 for ABA members.) But you can download the Executive Summary in PDF for only $150 non-ABA, $100 ABA members, which is all you likely have time to read anyway. A bonus for ABA members is the ability to download the "trends" sections from each of the five volumes in PDF at no cost. I looked at a couple of these. They were each 12 pages with about half being information about the survey methodology and half being some pretty interesting material. If you are an ABA member you should at least take a look at the free material.