Readers may ask "Why would anyone want to make a copy of an unsent e-mail?"

Like so many tech tasks, once I learned how to do it, then I came up with many reasons why to do it. I might have drafted a long important e-mail and wanted someone else to review it before I sent it to the intended recipient, so I make a copy and e-mail it to the other. Or I am sending the exact same e-mail to ten people, but not as a group, like RFP’s. Or, like last week, when my son’s team won the Pee Wee Baseball Championship in Norman, OK, and I created an e-mail with imbedded pictures of him with his team (and the trophy) that I wanted to send to several different groups of friends. Or I’m sending out an e-mail to a very large people, but only want to send it out in groups of twenty to avoid spam filters. Or, perhaps most importantly, I want to create a collection of "form e-mails" to be used when needed.

Well, I do this frequently and it may prove useful to some of you. In the open (and completed) Outlook e-mail, click on File and then Copy to Folder. I usually copy unsent e-mails to the Drafts folder. Note that you can create many copies of the same e-mail in the same folder, as opposed to a file, where one file with the same name overwrites the prior file. The same method can be used to make copies of e-mails you have received, but dragging and dropping those to a folder usually seems quicker.