This year the prestigious Technolawyer @ Awards have added two new categories to their annual rankings of lawyer’s favorite products and services. These are Favorite Practice Management Blog and Favorite Practice Area Blog. As you can imagine, I have some interest in this poll, particularly since they have released a status report today showing I’m a contender! (Paragraph 4) Your input on the other topics of favorite software, Web sites and services is very valuable to those of us who follow such things.

You have to be a TECHNOLAWYER member to vote and it takes a few seconds to sign up here and subscribe to one or more of their valuable free newsletters.

Then the official ballot are instructions are online here. The instructions are very specific. You basically have to type an e-mail rather than filling out an online checkbox form.

Voting ends on Friday, June 10, 2005 at midnight eastern time. Your support would be greatly appreciated.