I strive to have practical tips on this blog that are immediately useful. This week I am covering a bit of future thinking and strategic planning. It is sometimes hard to spend time thinking about the future when you are battling the fires (or "alligators") of the day. But we need to think long range as well. I direct your attention to a speech that Roger McNamee gave to the Software 2005 Conference a few weeks ago. He calls it "The New Normal: Career, Family and Personal Finance."

He caught me with his opening paragraph:
"The New Normal is a time when there are four unshakable issues that each of has to deal with. First, technology is changing just about everything. Second, globalization is changing the nature of economic opportunity. Third, every individual is on his or her own. We have more power than ever before, but no safety nets. And fourth, none of us has enough time to deal with life."

A very small amount of his speech is software-industry specific. Most all of it applies to most all of us. Thanks to BizzBangBuzz Blog for the pointer.