Time management is an issue for all of us. We all have good days where we get a lot of the right things done and bad days where at 5:00 p.m. we confront the fact that we’ve been so tied up in "putting out fires" that few of our real priorities have been touched. Anthony Cerminaro’s BizzBangBuzz Blog pointed me to a Step-by-Step Guide to Time Management by Krissi Danielsson. Many of us have seen or read similar material before, but are we practicing these techniques? Beginning lawyers should especially take note.

Danielsson’s steps are:

Step 01: Getting started

Step 02: Set clear goals and objectives

Step 03: Keep an activity log

Step 04: Handle e-mail and phone calls in batches

Step 05: Divide larger tasks into groups of smaller ones

Step 06: Prioritize tasks

Step 07: Set aside chunks of time to do nothing

Step 08: Don’t overwork yourself

Step 09: Learn when to say no

Step 10: Know when you need time management help

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