The one constant in today’s society seems to be change. At the beginning of this year, Laura Owen, Director of WorldWide Legal Services for Cisco Systems, Inc wrote an article titled "The Tech Revolution: Change or Die." All lawyers should read this one where in-house counsel for a sophisticated client makes important points about how law firms must change how they do business in order to survive. If you follow other blawgs, you may have already read Owen’s piece. Here’s Monica Bay’s list of bloggers who have commented on her excellent observations.

Coping with change isn’t easy. Earlier this week Arnie Herz commented on his Legal Sanity blog about how difficult it is to accept changes. He noted a recent article from Fast Company this month also entitled Change or Die. Read this one. You’ll be challenged by the scientific studies of just how hard true change is.

Finally Law Tech Guru Jeff Beard comments on his view of implementing changes in business processes after attending the three day Interwoven Gear Up! conference on document and content management.