Do you have a Downloads folder? I thought everyone did. But several attorneys recently told me that they had never heard of this concept. Every time I get a new computer, I right click on the Desktop and make a new folder called Downloads. Everytime I download a file from the Net, it goes into the Downloads folder. Then I can move it elsewhere or, more likely, run it to install a new program. There are many reasons for this.

  1. It is quick. Since the files always go to the same folder, the default location is that folder.
  2. I don’t have to hunt for files I may have downloaded quite some time ago, but not yet used. I have heard from more than a few lawyers when they downloaded a file and then didn’t know where to locate it. This could be a big problem if you paid for the download!
  3. It’s easy to clean up unneeded files. After I download and install a program, I generally do not need the downloaded file anymore. But if it is located in some random place, it may never be deleted. This way one can purge the folder of unneeded files periodically, or failing that, when the hard drive gets full, you have a good place to check to free up a lot of disk space.

By the way, my download of the day was the free (for now) Onfolio. It is an RSS Newsreader and online information management tool, that lets you save copies of Webpages and search them. Matt Homann mentioned that he liked this and it seems to have a lot of potential.