The April issue of Law Practice Today has been posted online. The featured topic this month is malpractice prevention and risk management. It contains 8 to 10 feature risk management articles and a set of ethics links from Tom Mighell. I haven’t finished them all tonight, but they are all worth your attention. Print off a few articles and put then in your briefcase, purse or vehicle to read when you have a few minutes. Give some attention to these risk management ideas and you may sleep better. There are other articles related to management, finance, marketing and technology; the ABA Law Practice Management Section’s four core areas.

Speaking of the ABA LPM Section, the April/May 2005 issue of Law Practice, the section’s print magazine, has been placed online in large part here. This issue focuses on space use and planning with several articles. This is another treasure trove of material with Rick Klau’s on advanced online bookmarking, John Simek and Sharon Nelson writing about spyware and Simon Chester with a review of the hot new features of Adobe Acrobat 7. (Eventually this issue will be archived for LPM Section member’s use only and these links will point to the next issue, or die.)

You’ve got a lot of reading ahead, but these are extremely valuable and generally short articles that you can work into your week. I’ve set the goal of reading them all within a week.