I’m biased, but ABA TECHSHOW 2005 has been great. I had correctly assumed that I wouldn’t have time to blog from TECHSHOW. But I’m going to multi-task during the program by David Masters and Ernie the Attorney on the Trial Lawyer’s Laptop. Former Oklahoma Bar President and Poteau attorney Doug "Dougal" Sanders is sitting in the row behind me. So he can help me if I miss anything.

We’ve had a significant increase in attendance this year. We’ve had a lot of happy people thanking me for their TECHSHOW thumbdrives. Feedback has been extremely positive, with lawyers stopping me in the halls, the elevator and, yes, even the rest room, to tell me how great the programming has been. At the end of today I will officially become a former ABA TECHSHOW Chair and that’s fine with me. Cowboys may like riding bucking brochos, but it is still a relief when the whistle blows! I’ve been on the ABA TECHSHOW planning board for four years now and it’s time for someone else to take my place.

Highlights: Meeting many bloggers at BlawgConnect (see report.) The Annual Consultants and Technologists Dinner, which is now simply known as The Dinner in the industry. This year’s version was held in the Shedd Aquarium. What a great event! We drank, ate and then watched a diver feed the fish. 60 Tips in 60 Minutes played to a packed house. Larry Bodine blogged many of the tips. 60 Sites in 60 Minutes. (OK, I was a presenter, but I thought it was great. The sites will be posted to the TECHSHOW web site soon.) Dinner last night with most of my fellow practice management advisors, hosted by Ixio.

Lowlights: Not getting enough sleep (hence the title "live – sorta.") Getting to spend only five minutes talking to people I’d like to talk to for an hour and may not get to see again until next year. Being torn between which presentation to attend many hours.

Opps–time to move to the next presentation.