It is TECHSHOW Eve. I admit that this is not as well-known or widely-anticipated as Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. But for some of us, it is a significant day. Tonight I get to attend BlawgConnect 2005, which is said to be the largest gathering of law-related bloggers ever. There will be lots of "famous" bloggers there, like Ernie the Attorney. I already know many of them, but am looking forward to meeting many more.

If you are in the Chicago area and your big case that was going to occupy the rest of the week just settled, there’s still time to attend ABA TECHSHOW. We do have walk-in registrations available.

I’m not sure how much live blogging I will do from ABA TECHSHOW. The Chair’s to do list looks pretty long. But several bloggers have promised reports and others have done so in the past, so I’m sure those who cannot come can read about TECHSHOW on the web. We do have a wireless cloud (sponsored by Intel) for all attendees, so it may be so easy that I just have to blog some. But don’t depend on second-hand information. You have to attend to really appreciate ABA TECHSHOW.