If you have any interest in the subject of podcasting for lawyers, then visit Blawgcast.com. They intend to provide a one-stop shop for the lawyer who wishes to podcast or at least learn about it. I’m far from the first to note their new site. Podcasting (placing sound files online emulating a radio broadcast format which one can download and listen to via an iPod or other MP3 player) is getting a lot of media coverage right now and we’ll likely see an explosion of podcasters. Podcasting is easy and inexpensive. I also think there will be a boom-bust cycle just like the dot com explosion.

For the practicing lawyer, who has no time to podcast (or some days even to breath it seems,) I have two points:

  1. Just like books on tape allow you to "read" a book while driving, lengthy podcasts on subjects of interest may appear and there are several ways to play them over your automobile stereo, thus making drive time more useful.
  2. While narrating a regular weekly podcast radio show may be an impossible drain on a lawyer’s time, we will soon see podcasts placed on law firm websites. I would suggest that these be timeless and useful for potential clients. Here are some podcast titles people might like to download: What Everyone Should Know about Buying a New Home, Myths about Family Law Court Proceedings, or Small Claims Proceedings in Oklahoma. These could be produced and then left on your firm’s website for anyone to download for months.

An iPod and headset may not interest you, but millions use them and many more are sold each day. This new method of communication will do a good job of reaching a certain group. Wouldn’t you like for your firm’s marketing message to be available to this group at relatively little expense?