The mouse is a very useful tool. We click on pull-down menus, graphical interfaces and icons to choose from among literally thousands of options. But there are many operations we do many times in a day or week. Memorizing the keyboard shortcuts for these tasks makes us more efficient computer users and speeds our workflow. For even the most difficult keyboard shortcut can be executed as quickly as one can grab the mouse, much less pull down menus. So if you are still clicking on the Edit button in your word processor to copy and paste text, perhaps it is time to set a goal to learn and use one new keyboard shortcut each week for a few months. Here are a few of the keyboard shortcuts many use every day. Do you know most of them?

Control + C

Control + X

Control + Z

Control + A

Windows key + E

Windows key + D (This one is fine to test now. Hit it once and then again.)

Alt + F4

Ctrl + Alt + Del (OK, that one’s a gimme.)

Two files are attached to this post. One is a ten page paper I once did on keyboard shortcuts. No warranties are expressed or implied. The other is a two page "cheat sheet" designed to be printed on the front and back of a piece of paper and kept handy. Some may decide to design their own version of the cheat sheet so it is only one sheet.

Keyboard shortcuts from OBA-MAP.pdf (190.2K)

Shortcut tipsheet.pdf (449.3K)