I know lots of people check their e-mail remotely when out of town. They use cybercafes, hotel business centers, convention sponsored Internet access points and a variety of other venues.

If you ever check your e-mail, bank account, airline reservations, OBA-NET or any meaningful password protected site via any computer you do not own, you should be aware that the next user may be able to use the browser’s back button or History to get into your e-mail or other service just as if they logged in with your password.

Here’s a simple process to use every time. If it is a kiosk or other hotel system used by many, just click Tools, Internet Options, and Clear History. Then close all browser windows. If you used someone else’s computer who might not appreciate having their whole history cleared, try this. Click on History, and then look at the Today’s History panel to locate the domains you logged into. Right click on each of them and delete the individual domains from the history. Then close all browser windows.