I’ll admit to being a proud WordPerfect user. But I know many of you readers now use MS Word. When I used Word, one of the things I didn’t like was the lack of the path and filename on the top of my display as is done with WordPerfect. I mentioned this to Oklahoma City Attorney John Brewer, one of the few lawyers I know who has always used MS Word. He agreed that would be a nice feature and a few days later, posted a "workaround" to our OBA members only OBA-NET showing how to do this. I think every Word user should try this one.

Open MS Word. Right click on one of the task bars. Select customize. Select the Commands tab. Select Web under Commands. On the right you will see "Address." Left click on "Address" and drag it to the task bar where you want it located. We put it on the top task bar to the left of "Help. (Since you are using the web setting, the pull down menu will show recently visited websites)

There may be better ways to do this, but this one worked and now I can see the path and file name of the document I have open in MS Word. Thanks, John.