Sharon Nelson and I usually are acquainted with most of our podcast guests. But Dru Armstrong has been the CEO of LawPay.for just over 90 days and it was a pleasure to meet her while we interviewed her for our podcast: A Conversation with LawPay’s CEO – and Introducing ClientCredit. She was fun, engaging and it clearly wasn’t her first rodeo as far being interviewed.

As most lawyers reading this are probably aware, LawPay has been providing payment processing services to the legal profession for a long time and they have many offerings related to lawyers getting paid. Even non-subscribers can get some great forms from LawPay’s Resources Center.

Dru Armstrong covered a lot of subjects, but she was most excited about introducing ClientCredit. Clients who are unable to pay a retainer or a larger bill, will have a quick option to finance the payment, allowing the client to stretch out their payments over time while the lawyers receive their fees now. Certainly after the last year and a half, most lawyers are convinced of the benefits allowing clients to make electronic payments. Listen to Dru discussing this new “buy now, pay later” options and many other aspects of managing digital financial transactions.