January 2018

ABA TECHSHOW 2018 will be held March 7-10 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. It’s an important year to attend ABA TECHSHOW. Long-discussed changes are underway in our profession and many of them relate to technology. Many consumers are purchasing legal products online. Smart contracts powered by blockchain technology sound very realistic and appealing to large

2017 was a year of many natural disasters. While months have passed since hurricanes Irma and Maria and recovery from those storms is now only infrequently covered in the media, Tom Tom-Bolt-HeadshotBolt hasn't forgotten their impact. His Virgin Islands law firm BoltNagi PC was was hit by both hurricanes.

Many law firms, having seen the

Apparently an iOS update changed some things that many users didn't think needed to be changed and inconvenienced many people. (I should probably create NYT App Icon Advicea  macro to produce that sentence as it will be obviously useful in the future.)

The New York Times Personal Tech column had a feature that will be useful to some