October 2017

The year 2017 has been an extraordinary year for hurricanes impacting the U.S. and the Caribbean. It is heartbreaking to see pictures and videos of the destruction and devastation. Recovery will take many years for some of these areas and many families have lost photo albums and prized possessions that cannot be replaced. The number

Keeping a podcast going for 11 years is quite the accomplishment, particularly for lawyers. The Internet is littered with lawyer blogs and podcasts that start strong, fade after a few months and are dead within a year.

But as regular listeners know, the Kennedy-Mighell Report is a consistently entertaining and informative production. (I should note

If there is a single sentence summing up what every law firm of any size should be focusing on today, I’ll nominate this one. A law firm today should be in the business of producing great solutions and happy clients.

Happy Lawyer Happy ClientMost new clients don’t really want legal services. They need legal services. What they want

Mr. Brian Kuhn serves as the Global Co-Leader for the IBM Watson Legal Practice driving global strategy and execution across clients, legal markets and internal  Brian Kuhn 
groups. He is responsible for defining the intersection of legal blockchain and legal artificial intelligence for IBM. In this podcast, he talks with Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson about