Mediation and arbitration are receiving a lot more attention these days. Even online dispute resolution has Gp_jan_feb2015_cvrgone from a concept to a reality. The January/February 2015 issue of GPSOLO magazine with its theme of Dispute Resolution is an excellent resource and highly recommended. Young lawyers and brand new lawyers should pay particular attention as this is an emerging area that may well become a significant part of many lawyer's practices. If you are a new lawyer, learning about an emerging practice area is good for your future. Solo & small firm lawyers would do well to check out the free online version of the magazine targeted at your type of practice.

if you are a bit of a skeptic, at least take the time to read  A Litigator’s Reluctant Endorsement of Mediation by Kathleen Balthrop Havener. She begins her column with:

"Let’s get my confession out of the way: I am not a devotee of mediation. They don’t call them 'mediators' for nothing. When I’m approaching mediation, I do so convinced that the mediator wants to reach the 'middle'—but I don’t want the middle. Ever. I want the right result. A proposal to mediate will never come from me."

You will find the rest of her observations equally direct and useful.

The editors of this issue have done a great job of pulling together many resources and points of view for this GPSOLO Dispute Resolution issue. It contains several collections of great resources and tips. I have been intending to blog about this for some time, but was trying to finish reading it first. Alas, there is so so much content, that February is obviously going to end before I finish the magazine. I hope you find it as valuable as I do. One reason I want you to click and read at least a few of the articles even if you don't do any ADR work currently is so you will remember this great resource when that time comes.